Beginner 3

For Whom:

For people who can ask and give personal information, talk about some day-to-day matters and have some social skills in Spanish.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of Beginners 3, students will further develop their ability to manage in a broader social context, typical of an adult who lives overseas that can make simple transactions in stores, post office, banks, public transport, etc. Students will be able to have a more active role in conversations although with some limitations and with the help of the other speaker.

On top of practical situations dealt with in Beginners 2, students will be able to: talk about the past using an appropriate form of the past tense according to the circumstances; describe moods and express interest in someone’s mood; ask and give information about means of transportation; make comparisons; express possession; talk about the weather; describe habits in the past; express how frequently you do things; talk about health and physical condition; express obligation in an impersonal way; express possibility / prohibition; use conditional sentences (real conditions); talk about an action in the past interrupted by another action; recount events/people’s lives.

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