Intermediate 3

For Whom:

For people who are capable to maintain an interaction, and in general make themselves to be understood in a variety of situations, and know how to face daily life problems in a flexible way… but still make evident pauses to plan what to say and how to say it, and also, sometimes people find it difficult to understand them when they try to say exactly what they want.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of Intermediate 3, students will have further developed their ability to start or keep long conversations and express their opinions.

The students will have the ability to exchange more information compared to the previous module; they will be able to: make note when somebody asks for information or raises a problem; give concrete information required in a conversation–but not with much precision; explain the cause of a problem; sum up and give opinions about a story, speech or article; give detailed directions to describe how to do something; verify and confirm information in a prepared interview although sometimes they may have to ask the other speaker to repeat when a reply is lengthy or fast; and exchange with confidence information about day-to-day matters and others that are not so common.