Spanish for Tourists

For Whom:

For people who just want to get by in a short holiday in a Spanish speaking country

Learning Outcomes:

With this course you will learn exactly what you need to get the most of your holidays in a Spanish speaking country.

The course structure is the following:

1) Foundation knowledge (pronunciation; behaviour of verbs, pronouns and adjectives; articles; question words; demonstratives; possessives; numbers, colours; some prepositions…).

2) Basic phrases or structures useful in any situation, like: ask for help; ask someone to do something for you; express what you need, want or don't want; express what you like or dislike; express obligation; make, accept or politely reject invitations, etc.

3) Useful phrases, structures and vocabulary for typical situations you find in a holiday:

  • get around the city, ask or give directions
  • go shopping (and bargain!)
  • go to a restaurant or pub
  • make bookings
  • take means of transportation and handle common situations encountered at an airport, train station, bus stop, taking a taxi, etc