Beginner 2

For Whom:

For people with a basic repertoire of simple expressions and grammar structures of very frequent use, relative to personal information and specific immediate needs (meet people, exchange personal information, get by in a city, express what they want or like, etc)

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of Beginners 2 students will have expanded subjects regarding themselves and day-to-day matters they can talk about. The students will be able to participate in brief social encounters. On top of the situations dealt with in Beginners 1, students will be able to manage in the following ones: describe people; talk about their family; habits; go shopping and talk about clothing; ask for permission; express preferences; make/accept/reject invitations; express obligation; talk in continuous present tense; talk about future plans; express indifference, probability, doubt and uncertainty; talk over the phone; talk about the past in an elementary way.

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