Advanced 1

For Whom:

For people who want to gain fluency and be able to participate in more complex conversations, debates, arguments, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of Advanced 1, students will be able to interact with native speakers with enough fluency and spontaneity so the communication will take place effortlessly. T will be at ease in a social situation: starting a conversation, speaking when the moment is appropriate in the context of the conversation and ending it when necessary.

Also, the students will be able to write and speak clearly and in a detailed manner about diverse topics, and defend a point of view about general subjects, indicating the pros and cons of the different options brought to the discussion.

Finally, they will have gained a higher conscience of the language being able to correct mistakes that could lead to misunderstandings, and plan what they are going to say and how to say it taking into account the effect that their comments will have on the other speakers.

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