To make a booking, please call us to 0405 802275 or fill in the form below (Payment will be required in full to reserve your place). Once you have submitted the form and we have received your payment, the bookings process will be deemed complete and we’ll send you an e-mail confirming your enrolment.

If the level of a course for a specific day and time hasn’t been determined yet in the Timetable -i.e., the level is shown as “To be determined”-and you want to take classes at that time, you can lock the level for that specific class if you complete the booking process for it before anybody else, e.g., if you want to have a Beginners 1 class at a time whose level in the Timetable appears as “To be determined”, you can set that level for the class to be taught at that time if you are the first one to complete the booking process for that class.

If we are not offering classes at times and levels that suit you, please send us an e-mail to stating what time and level you are interested in, and we will try to organise a course for you and other people with your same needs.

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