Welcome to ¡SiSPANISH!


Our Course

Our course has eight modules: Three Beginners, three Intermediate and two Advanced. Modules in the Beginners and Intermediate courses  have an 8 week duration each. The duration of the advanced modules is 9 weeks.

The course has been designed following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so it is structured in a way that the different levels and their content will lead you through a gradual and natural path in your learning process of the Spanish language.



The Teacher

Rodolfo Key

rodolfo“Rodolfo is a Spanish native speaker born in Venezuela. He has an extensive experience as a Spanish teacher for private clients and academy language students in Sydney. He also has taught Spanish in Europe. He has had working experience in several Latin American countries which enables him to teach a standard Spanish taking into account the regional differences that this wonderful language has.”


Our Method

To get your learning process rolling, we use an interactive method which comprehends role-plays, games and readings with the group and with the help of audio and text materials. The classes take place in a fun and relaxed environment that gives you confidence to speak Spanish. You will even start to speak in this fabulous language in the very first few minutes of the first class with the fun “commands” in Spanish that you will be using throughout the course. You will be exposed to a balanced content of conversation and grammar adequate for each level, and you will learn the latter in the context of practical situations, so you will not only learn how to, for example, introduce your self or shop in a store but why you use a specific structure in those situations which will give you the ability to use it in other contexts. Also, the method focuses on the four skills used to communicate in a language: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Placement & Flexibility

We do a free placement assessment so you can start your Spanish learning in a level that is adequate for you. Also, you can swap classes within the same level with no extra charge, provided there is availability in the class you want to migrate to.